Be Spam-Free with Fake Email Addresses

Be Spam-Free with Fake Email Addresses - getpic

If you use the internet at least once a day, then you can consider yourself as a regular internet user and would be very familiar with the requirements when you want to join online forums or access any website – you need to open an account with an email address or phone number.  This step, while easily doable opens you to receiving spam emails.  Sure, there is always the promise of keeping whatever information you provide strictly confidential and yet spam mails begin to litter your inbox in no time at all.  But this could be your lucky day because now you can steer clear from receiving annoying letters through temporary emails.

Spam mails come in all shapes and sizes

There is nothing wrong with wanting to remain anonymous and being in control of what you want to receive or see in your email.  It will help you to know all forms of spam that could invade your email.

  • Advertisement on medical products and services such as weight problems and skin care
  • Adult materials
  • Offerings of financial services, debt restructuring, insurance, loans, etc.
  • Offerings of electronic gadgets and other IT-related services or products such as hardware, software, apps, etc.
  • Online courses, education abroad, masters/doctorate courses, etc.

Developers of email services constantly assure its users that the filters against spam are regularly updated (and they could truly be); sadly, developers of spam letters seem to be always one step ahead, thus there is no hundred per cent guarantees that you can truly be safe.  They are not even able to guarantee confidentiality of your email mailbox and that your personal data will not be collected and sold to other parties.  Otherwise, why do you get all sorts of unsolicited offers and letters from entities you have never contacted before?  This problem can be resolved by using a fake email address.

The dangers of receiving spam

Although receiving simple spam could be intrusive and annoying, it is generally bearable.  However, the greater danger that can come with unsolicited letters could be viruses.  Opening a mail or an attachment that contains virus can certainly do you in, damage precious documents and cause you untold aggravation.

However, if you continue to use your regular email services, registering with your email address is a must so as to maximize browsing to get all the data and functionality that you require.  So if you want to get the best of both worlds for your internet needs, the safest way to go is by using an anonymous email address.  There are no fees involved, it is very simple to set up and most importantly, very safe to use.

Using Your Fake Email Address:

  • Go to the site and you can already view your inbox address done at the upper part of the screen. Registration is not necessary and you don’t have to give your personal information because it is a disposable email service.
  • You can easily send your new address to whoever you wish to or indicate it for a particular website, press the appropriate COPY key so you can just paste it anytime you need to.
  • You can reformat your fake email address name easily to make it more professional by pressing the CHANGE key.You can use a preferred login name and have access to other domains.
  • When you have given your fake address to your correspondent or register to a site using the address, your emails will be sent to a temporary mailbox and registered on the sender’s home page, as well as the subject.
  • View the received letter by clicking the email’s subject title.
  • Received emails can be deleted if not necessary or saved to your device for future reference.

Fake emails could be your trusted ally in getting the full benefit from browsing the Internet.  You can do it at last with confidence that you are not unnecessarily opening yourself up to hackers and spam.  It is very simple to set up, convenient, and totally anonymous.