How can you benefit from having a Temporary Email Address?

How can you benefit from having a Temporary Email Address? - shutterstock 408362719 830x465

The Advantages of Owning a Fake Email Address

So now we know that having an unnamed email could be possible, yet we are still at a bit unsure how it could be relevant and useful to our daily existence and how to a certain extent has it become a necessity.  Will this take over or be a worthy substitute to the email service we are currently getting from or  If we are saying that the regular and the fake email services both come for free, what would be the major differentiator?  The benefits of a fake email address to you will depend largely on what your requirements are.

The Privacy benefits of having a disposable email address

Wanting to become anonymous in certain aspects comes with a purpose, and wanting to have some sort of privacy is not all that unusual.  At your identity is kept totally private from the time you go to the website to the time you decide to delete your emails.  Note how different standard emails go:

  1. If you use the standard email services, providing your personal information is a requirement while engaging a fake email address does not require you to.
  2. Standard email addresses keep your emails forever until you decide to delete them. Fake email addresses, however, will keep the emails for 7 days and discard them automatically.
  3. Emails created on standard email addresses will not be totally discarded while temporary emails can be totally removed.

All these advantages work towards enjoying full confidentiality while getting whatever you need from the internet.

Fake email address – no fuss, no muss

The beauty of using services lies in its simplicity and ease of use which cannot be said when using the regular email services.  You can do away with all the useless offerings which even professed techies tend to disregard.

The advantages of a disposable email:

  • When you need to have access on a product or a service that will need you to give and receive emails from abroad, having a fake email address to send and receive the emails is highly advisable.
  • Buying things online require you to indicate your email address. This would be one of the occasions where having a fake email address can be useful.
  • Accomplishing a captcha every single time can be aggravating. Using the services of will not demand you to input a captcha, so lots of time saved here.
  • With, you can write an unlimited number of messages using one same IP, unlike the regular emails where number can be limited.
  • If you are in a real hurry, creating a fake email account through can be done in two seconds tops. Standard email, on the contrary will take you at least a few minutes.
  • Being so temporary in nature, fake emails will not be there long enough for hacking pleasure. This certainly beats having the standard email that can be victimized by merciless hackers.
  • Then, lastly, what do you have to do when you totally forget your password of your standard email? Retrieving the password could be possible after a following a series of steps … so inconvenient.  Fake emails do not require creating a password so no need to memorize or note down anything.

Compare the features and decide

RequirementsFake EmailNormal Email
RegistrationTotally UnnamedNeeds to provide personal data
Automatic Deletion of
YesManual deletion
Geographical ScopePermits registration on all websitesRestricted registration for some websites
Protection from SpamSpam emails will not be viewedProvided filters do not guarantee total protection
Fulfilment of CaptchaNot requiredAlmost, always required
Number of AccountsUnlimitedLimited
Speed of RegistrationNot requiredRequires a few minutes
HackingNo possibilityVery vulnerable
PasswordNot requiredAlways required

Look at the comparative features and decide which sort of email service would serve your needs without giving away your precious identity. This, of course, goes without saying that the fake email generator is suited for specific needs and is not intended to fully take over the usefulness of standard emails.  For other internet activities that require anonymity, let it be handled by