How is a Standard Email Different from an Anonymous Email?

How is a Standard Email Different from an Anonymous Email? - iStock 000052944090 Large

The fast-paced world we live in now requires everyone to be attuned to the latest means of immediate and extensive communication, one of which is the email.  Thus, it will be hard to find a modern person nowadays without an email because he or she will not be able to access the Internet without it.   Everything that involves the use of the Internet, whether creating an account for a social media, researching and downloading files, or joining a forum, require the user to have an online inbox.  If you are a regular web browser, you might have come across by now some write-ups about fake emails.  So are fake emails as fake as all fakes go, well yes and no because fake email addresses could be the type of fake which can prove to be really beneficial and could save you from the various pitfalls of using the Internet.

Regular emails versus the fake emails

  • Fake email addresses keeps your identity anonymous
    You may wonder, “Does good communication and hiding your real identity go hand in hand?”  Yes, contingent upon the circumstances, especially if giving out your personal email address will entail you numerous problems such as spam, phishing, and viruses.  So if the situation calls for it, using your fake email address could be the only way to go.  The recipient will have no way of tracing you because your IP is not kept on the Internet.
  • No registration needed
    Setting up a standard email requires you to indicate your name, have a password and login.  They will even require additional phone number or secondary email address to enable you to retrieve your password in the event you cannot recall it.  None of these measures are required for setting up a fake email because its primary objective is to enable you to setup an email without divulging your personal information for anonymity and total privacy.  Your email address and login shall be automatically generated.   However, if you wish to personalize it, you can just press the “CHANGE” key seen on the screen and change the login to whatever you want.  You can also choose the domain that suits your taste.
  • The temporary emails are discarded
    One good feature of this service compared to regular emails is that your inbox will be cleaned up in 7 days.  Communications that you deem important can be saved for later viewing.  Just download it and save it on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone, all done within just a few clicks.
  • Deleting the address is just as easy
    Whenever the fake email address has outgrown its usefulness or you just want to create a new fake email address, you can easily delete it by just clicking one button – DELETE.  Once done, the current email address will be deleted and be replaced by a new email address shown at the upper part of the monitor.
  • Extremely simple
    The standard email services give a number or features but it just goes to waste because their owners hardly use them.  The disposable email on the other hand is never created to become a permanent personal email in box.  Thus, setting it up was made to be just very simple and expedient.  Almost in an instant you will see all the letters, choose what is important for downloading and saving on your device and the rest would be automatically deleted after an hour.

If you tend to use the Internet a lot, frequently download materials, or subscribe to various sites or forums, having a fake email is quite invaluable.  You can get the most out of the Internet without worrying about the security of your device and needlessly exposing your real identity.  Most importantly, with all the advantages it offers, it comes free.  So keep your personal in box free of spam and viruses by using a fake email at whatever time the circumstances call for it.