Let’s Fight Spam: FAKEeMAIL.co

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We open our inbox hoping to see important communication from colleagues, but what we see instead are dozens of irrelevant messages that we have to sift thru, already wasting a good part of our day.  Exasperating will be putting it mildly.

But this could just be the beginning because what could be the more harmful consequence is the possibility of the spam collecting all your personal information in the guise of an interesting offer from your internet service provider or your bank and using it for some sinister purposes.

How can spam be dangerous?

  • The user can waste a lot of time sifting through and deleting all unnecessary and unsolicited messages to find his official emails.
  • Spam mails may carry with it Trojans and viruses that can definitely infect your devices once you open it.
  • Spam has often been utilized to spread emails for phishing with the sole intention of collecting personal information of internet users.
  • Spamming, phishing has become a booming industry in many countries and has become the starting point where greater cybercrimes are spawned. This definitely beats the irritation one gets from cleaning an inbox with annoying mails.

Effectively fighting spam

Everyone who uses the Internet and signs up for anything on websites open up themselves to the possibility of being spammed.  You register with your email, login and use your designated password and this will be what criminals will ever need to do whatever they want with your personal information – from sending you their unsolicited offerings to getting all your hard earned money.

Having a fake email will help you solve this problem.  There are a lot of providers offering this kind of service but fakeemail.co offers the simplest and most effective way of fighting spam.

Fakeemail.co:  Will help you solve your spam problems

The fakeemail.co fake email services can eliminate the problems you may have from spamming from the very beginning by providing fake email addresses.  This facilitates the creation of a disposable email addresses with no need for registration.  The new email address is provided instantly upon reaching the website.  You can always change the first email address provided to you if it does not suit you; just press the Change button to get another address.

The fake email address will be the best solution for internet activities that requires you to register and access a link to download a file.  It could have been a one-time use, a one-time download but your credentials and personal information will be stored in that website’s memory forever, shooting you unsolicited emails endlessly or worse. On the other hand, if you used a fake email address, the messages sent to this email address will be discarded after an hour or so automatically.

Advantages of the using fakeemail.co

  1. Emails will be automatically discarded within 7 days from receipt.
  2. The received emails are not saved on your devices, thus it makes you safe from virus threats.
  3. There will be no facility provided where phishing can take place.

Additionally, you do not have to install unnecessary apps to counter spam or other anti-virus software as you will not be saving the emails on your device.

Other ways to counter spam

  1. Delete your subscriptions from as much websites as you can on your regular emails address.
  2. Classify your mails by groups: Personal, Home, Work, and Temporary.  Create different folders for each activity rather than lumping them onto one folder.
  3. Choose to use fake email addresses when necessary and fakeemail.co can very well be your service provider here.
  4. Set-up your client email as it will prevent spam from being received. This filtering technique may take up more time but it will be very effective if properly executed.

Developers will never stop trying to create ways to fight spam and protect the data of the Internet users, that’s for sure.  But you can do the first simple step towards this end by using fake email addresses for the right situation thus saving yourself not only a lot of computer space but also from unnecessary aggravation.