Receiving Emails Anonymously with Fake Email Address

Receiving Emails Anonymously with Fake Email Address - email sib e1458592883111 800x450

There are times that you need to send unnamed emails, but is that even possible when you have to provide the site with all your personal information, your email address at the very least?  The answer is certainly, it is now possible, by owning a fake email address.  This is the best way or maybe the only way one can receive a communication from other persons, not your family, not your colleague, not your friend, albeit somebody who can help you with a required information, anonymously.  Having a different and temporary email address is necessary if you wish for privacy when setting up an online account.

Use the Internet Anonymously Without Worries

Fake email is a great means to have as it can guarantee the user a high level of confidentiality through anonymity, which is of paramount importance when transacting with people or entities you don’t know or unfamiliar with online.  Shopping on line can be one good example, you are interested to acquire their products but you do not wish for them to know your personal email address or your name.  Anonymous email will do the trick as it will facilitate exchange of communications without having the need to divulge your real identity

Simple and fast are the key features of fake email services

To a great extent, people realize the importance of keeping their personal information undisclosed and maintain their private email address exclusively for their trusted acquaintances.  However, there are even more people not in your trusted circle who you need to get information from that you need to write to and receive answers from, so how can they communicate with you through email without compromising your privacy?  Disposable or fake email can be conveniently used for this purpose.

  • Viewing the letters received can be done through a simple website interfacing. Managing them is simple as all the essential functionalities are provided.  Read emails can either be deleted or saved in your computer.
  • There will be no time wasted in registering, inputting your data, or deciphering the captcha to use this tool just to create a new email address. The new email address will be made available to you immediately in a matter of few clicks and in seconds.  If you are not happy with what was provided, you can choose a different login and domain.  As soon as this is done, you are ready to use this for receiving emails.
  • Your identity will be completely untraceable because the IP addressed provided you by website will not be stored.
  • The temp email address is yours to keep and use until you choose to discard it.

Other useful benefits of fake email addresses aside for being anonymous

A fake email addresses is not only useful in keeping the identity of email users.  Other benefits are:

  • Secured registration even with the most doubtful websites. Even downloading an e-book will no longer be risky because you do not have to provide them with any personal information such as your regular email address.
  • You no longer have to worry about receiving spam mails which happens every time you register with any forums or sites.
  • Your personal email will be protected from viruses, phishing and other online scams.
  • IT Professionals can easily facilitate testing of newly developed software to see if it is working as expected.
  • Joining promotional giveaways or lotteries can also be safely done as you can register with your fake email address. So you can possibly win if you are lucky and if it is a really giving a real deal and still remain anonymous.

We cannot reiterate enough the many benefits one can have by using a disposable email address. The issue of anonymity and security is fully covered plus all the benefits discussed above while browsing the internet and maximizing the access of the vast information and services it offers.