Why and When to Use Fake Email Addresses

Why and When to Use Fake Email Addresses - 78tr87342gt842

You can search and find almost anything you need in the Internet but there is almost always a discreet caveat attached to it – they would also want to get all the information you would allow them to take from you like your email address, for one.  The email is a basic tool for communication nowadays.  However, having a disposable email address for some scenarios could indeed be advisable.  Read on if you think having a non-permanent email address can be of some use to you.

How can laymen and developers benefit from fake email addresses?

Having a fake inbox may sound a bit sinister, but surely it can be put to good use by anyone who uses the Internet, such as:

  • Those who want to maintain their privacy. Wanting to join a lottery does not necessarily require you to go all out public and having a fake email will very well serve this purpose.  You can use your fake email address to register to any of the sites and giving it to all the other people.  By doing this, you can be sure that your new email address will render you untraceable because only you will know your IP address and your name.
  • Those who are in need of an effective protection from spams. Today’s email services claim that they are equipped to filter and prevent users from being victimized by spam mails. However, the protection they claim leaves much to be desired.  Using a temporary email address can rid you of the worries regardless of the types of communication you receive.  You can register in any website, download files, or get any needed information without worrying about being bothered by annoying junk mails.  Thus, your real email address will be receiving only legitimate emails.
  • Those who shun viruses, (which is all of us). If you think spam mails are irritating, think again because phishing attacks can be much, much worse.  So, if you want to avoid complicating your life with smartphone or computer problems from unscrupulous websites, then having a fake email address for your subscriptions will be the ultimate answer.
  • Those who professionally develop software. If you are professional who need to do frequent testing of your online processes, then having a fake email address can do the trick. It is very convenient as you don’t have to go through the extra step of deleting test emails because they will be erased automatically.

Fake email addresses are very easy to do

Creating temporary emails is not rocket science, it is very easy to organize but the benefits are invaluable:

  • 100% Security. Using an anonymous email facility will not require you to create an account and thus will not require you to declare your personal data which reverts to total protection of your privacy.
  • Efficiency. Registering and giving all your personal information can become quite tedious.  All you have to do is go to the site and the email be done for you immediately which is good if you are in a real hurry.  You have the choice of the server you want to use and the login you prefer every time you need to use your email.
  • Allows viewing of emails with ease. The email service interfacing is very simple which gives you a holistic view of your incoming mails.  Just push the refresh key to see all the new letters on the screen.
  • Very manageable. Manage your letters with ease.  In one glance see all the basic information that you need to see immediately – subject, sender’s name, and sender’s email address.  Copy the email address and shift to a different server or login in one click.  Depending on your need, you can save or delete the letter from your computer.

The Internet offers a wealth of information and services and you can use it with confidence by using fake email generator services freely.